Ryon (Family)


Earliest ancestors of the Ryon families of Liberty County are Richard and Naomi Ryon of East Lynn, Connecticut. Their son, Richard Ransom Ryon (1805- 1849), and his wife, Elizabeth (1808-1849), resided in New­mansville , Florida, and their children were Eunice M., Frances Mariah, Eugenia DeMott, William Henry, and John Geiger Ryon. William Henry Ryon (1840-1900) married Elvira A. Shruptrine (1847-1889) of Liberty County, and their sole surviving child was Ella E. Ryon (1878-1945) who married Claude Eastwood Stafford (1874-1935), and their surviving children were Otis W., Ella Virginia, Thomas Edward, Eva Clara, Denna Clifford, Ora Mae, and Velma C. Stafford.


The second marriage of William Henry Ryon was to Mary C. Floyd, and they had no surviving children, John Geiger Ryon (1843-1897) married Eliza Jane Hendry (1853-1926) of Taylors Creek, and their surviving children were John Robert, Mary Elizabeth, Rosa Jeane, Henry Benjamin, Frances ("Fannie") Lee, Sallie Hendry, Jesse Gordon, Carl Anthony, Lillah Eugenia, Beulah Elvira, and Laura Belle Ryon.


John Robert Ryon (1867-1915) married Annie Bell Darsey, and their children were Blanche, Rufus Miller, Carrie Eliza, Louise, Robert Hendry, and Annie Laurie Ryon. Mary Eliza­beth Ryon (1969-1927) married Joseph Jackson Martin Jr. (1866-1941), and their surviving children were Jane Alzada, Georgia Claire, Rosa Augusta, and Rudolph Jackson Martin. Rosa Jeane Ryon (1872-1948) married James McElwain ("Mack") Caswell Jr. (1859-1931), and their children were Miles Moody, Fannie Lou, Fleeta, Clara Belle, James Ro­bert, Bertie Lee, Enoch Howard and Laura Elizabeth Cas­well. Henry Benjamin Ryon (1874-1906) married Adeline Muller, and their one child was Evalyn Marguerite Ryon. Frances ("Fannie") Lee Ryon (1876-1954) never married.


Sallie Hendry Ryon (1879-1918) married George Rufus Lee, and their surviving children were John Harold, Christine, George Layton, and Loy Rufus Lee. Jesse Gordon Ryon (1881-1948) married Rosalyn Girardeau Taylor (1880- 1951), and their children were Helen, Olive, Pauline, and Miriam Ryon. Carl Anthony Ryon (1886-1968) married Ruth Vivian DeLoach, and their children were Lois Vivian, John Carlyle, Laban William, Ellen Elizabeth, Jesse Metz, Glenn Edward, and Francis Wellington Ryon. Lillah Eugenia Ryon (1887-1939) married David Jackson Martin (1869- 1939), and their surviving children were Grace, Laura Belle, Francis Willard, George Candler, Vera Lucille and Cecil Madison Martin. Beulah Elvira Ryon (1887-1945) married (1) Reverend George Pierce Reviere (1865-1919), their one child was Jane Elizabeth Reviere, and (2) Paul J. Roper, and their one child was Olga Pauline Roper.


Marshall Reviere was a nephew of Reverend George P. Reviere. Rufus Miller Ryon married Hines Stafford, great-granddaughter of Charl­ton and Ann Beard Bell Hines, and their children are John Carroll Ryon, who married Jamie Bagley, daughter of James R. Bagley, and John Robert Ryon, who married Carolyn Porter, daughter of William Herbert and Sybil Allsup Porter. John Robert Ryon was chief of the Hinesville Police Depart­ment from 1973 until he resigned in 1986. John Carroll Ryon retired from the U.S. Army.


From "Sweet Land of Liberty, A History of Liberty County, Georgia" by Robert Long Groover; Appendix Number 39, Page(s) 230; Used by the permission of the Liberty County Commissioners Office