(6) Grants of Land in the Midway District in 1752


These are the persons who received grants of land in the Midway District in 1752:


Andrew Way

Barock Norman

Benjamin Baker

Daniel Slade

David Russ

Edward Sumner

Edward Way

Glebe (pastor's plantation)2

James Way

John Edwards

John Elliott

John Lupton

John Mitchell

John Norman

John Steves

John Stewart

John Winn

Jonathan Bacon

Jonathan Quarterman

Jonathan Stevens Jr.

Joseph Bacon

Joseph Norman

Joseph Oswald Jacob Weston

Joseph Way

Joshua Clark1

Nathaniel Way

Parmenas Way

Rev. John Osgood

Richard Baker

Richard Girardeau

Richard Spencer

Richard Woodcroft

Robert Echols

Robert Glass

Samuel Bacon

Samuel Burnley

Samuel James

Samuel Stevens

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Osgood

William Baker

William Graves

William Lupton


All of the above received 500 acres of land except Joshua Clark1 who received 300 acres, and the glebe2 which was allocated 400 acres.


Daniel Dunnom1

Issac Dunnom1

John Graves1

Palmer Goulding1

Joseph Massey1

Thomas Stephens Jr.1

Isaac Bradwell1

James Christie1

Hugh Dowse1

Elizabeth Simmons1

Peter Goulding2

Elizabeth Baker2

William Chapman

James Baker

Rebecca Quarterman

Joseph Steven

Thomas Stevens

Joseph Bacon Jr.

Jonathan Wheeler3

Joseph Baker Thomas Way Jr.3

John Shave3

John Churchill3

Moses Way3

Daniel Cannon3

Joseph Winn3

John Gorton4


Daniel Dunnom through Elizabeth Simmons received grants of 500 acres1. Peter Goulding and Elizabeth Baker received grants of 400 acres2. William Chapman through Rebecca Quarterman received grants of 300 acres. Joseph Stevens through Joseph Bacon Jr., received grants of 250 acres. Jonathan Wheeler through Joseph Winn received grants of 200 acres3. John Gorton received a grant of 100 acres4.

From "Sweet Land of Liberty, A History of Liberty County, Georgia" by Robert Long Groover; Appendix Number 6, Page(s) 119; Used by the permission of the Liberty County Commissioners Office