(30) Liberty Independent Troop Rooster (1916)


This is a roster of the Liberty Independent Troop when it departed for the Mexican border in 1916.



Capt. Donald F. Martin Sr.

First Lt. T.P. Gordon Sr.

First Lt. Donald A. Fraser


Willie Cameron

H.R. Gordon

Floyd E. Miller

W.F. Mills

Henry Rahn

C.J. Smiley


W. Adams

O.H. Davis

Ralph H. Groover

A. Shaw

C.M. Smiley

T.W. Surrency


H. Anderson

J.J. Bacon

C. Barger

T. Brown

P. Butler

E.1. Bussell

F. Chapman

B. Coley

C.E. Collins

R.C. Collins

H. Cumbee

H. Daughtry

H. Edwards

John Folker

C.C. Gordon

D.T. Gordon

J.B. Gordon

T.P. Gordon Jr.

Loyall C. Groover

Thomas H. Groover

R. Hamilton

F. Hendry

C. Kicklighter

F.E. Knight

L.A. Knight

C. Lee

H.O. Martin

W. Martin

B. Mattox

R.B. Maulden

 R.M. Norby

C. McDonald

 H. O'Neal

M.M. Passmore

P. Passmore

W.C. Perkins

W.M. Perkins

E. Rambo

W.L. Rushing

R.L. Scott

J.H. Smiley

T. Strickland

M.M. Swindle

R. Swindle

B. Thomas

C. Todd

J. Tyre

D.H. Waters

E.P. Way

B. Willis



W.F. Gordon


H. Porter

J.C. Smiley


From "Sweet Land of Liberty, A History of Liberty County, Georgia" by Robert Long Groover; Appendix Number 30, Page(s) 182-183; Used by the permission of the Liberty County Commissioners Office